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Jessica Schanaman Doula Services provides honest, nurturing support to women and their families in the Billings, Montana area.  It is my mission to offer evidence based information to help my clients make informed choices prenatally, during pregnancy, labor & birth, and throughout the postpartum period.  I believe that getting evidence based information and having a support network creates strong roots to have a positive birth experience. I strive to strengthen our birth community through relationship building, professional development and information sharing. 


My Desire...

Is for the mothers I work with to feel deeply valued and well supported through every part of the birth journey.

How you feel when you give birth will have a lasting effect on you and your baby. You will remember the day your baby was born for the rest of your life.

Have the support you deserve and need during the most memorable and important time in your life.


Jessica Schanaman, CBD (CBI)

Client Reflections

"Jessica was accommodating to my needs during labor. When I was in transition she stepped up with good pressure point techniques on my lower back. She phoned in my dinner order immediately after birth which gave me time to bond with my husband and new baby. Having a Doula during labor eased my body and mind that I would be able to deliver as natural as possible."

 - Jessica Howard, November 2016

"We were fortunate to have Jessica as our doula! She kept our appointments to meet with her, constantly offered information when I had questions and easy going personality.  I was able to keep in easy contact with her at all times! She was attentive to our needs and when we were in labor and afterward she was always helpful and willing to be there in all ways! Thank you Jessica!"

 - Jenn Seiler, March 2017

"Jessica gave me the sense of feeling that this was my birth. She was great about answering any question I had with facts to help make informed decisions about MY BIRTH. I had so much confidence with her at my side. I was calm, with her aromatherapy and calming music, her acupressure to help get through the contractions. She provides so much to make it yours! Loved making it mine and making it natural. I will recommend her services to everyone I know!"

 - Eleesha Woodral, April 2017

"Jessica was very understanding and caring from the beginning. She taught me many things about oils and ways to be more comfortable during my pregnancy. She worked around our crazy schedule very well and she put together an amazing blessing way that couldnt have gone better. She helped me through many false labors and weeks of contractions. She was there right when i needed her for our birth and stayed the LONG 2 days we were in labor. If it wasnt for jessica i truly dont think i would have achieved my VBA2C. if i ever have another child, jessica will be right there as i couldnt have asked for better support. And the pictures she took are amazing!!" 

 - Jessica Steele, April 2018

"We loved our time and experience with Jessica! She became our doula just a month before our son came. Jessica invested a lot of time in us; helping us navigate and nail down our birth plans, being a great source of knowledge and support, and being flexible with us in the craziness of the last few weeks before I gave birth. She was with us every step of the way during the birth; staying up all hours of the night, calming my new mama nerves, and helping me through the ups and downs of birth and contractions. She knew when to hang back and let things happen but also when to be a calming presence.

We ended up having to transfer (we were planning on a homebirth) due to me being a first time mama and not progressing in the time frame I needed to. Jess was with us through it all ( a good chunk of the 33 1/2 hour labor I had with our son).

We love her bunches and were so thankful for the huge part she played in being our doula."

 - Brittany Holmes, November 2018

"After having a doula (Jessica) for my own birth, I would recommend her or hiring a doula 10x over.
My Husband Lucas and I were due with our 4th child, but since it was going to be our last we decided on flipping the switch on what we were used to (hospital environment and epidural) and have a at home water birth. 4th time must have been the charm for us because the birth of our little girl Tilly was absolutly magical. 
Not only was the birth everything I hoped for but my pregnancy was so much more relaxed and I felt so much more reassured with my choices with Jessica as my Doula. 
She helped with the many random questions and concerns I had for my birth as well as provided us with MUCH NEEDED information about the odds and ends of pregnancy and birth that honestly I had never read watched or learned on my own. 
My Labor was fairly quick, but even in the short time it took for Tilly to come earthside Jessica provided a gental familiar  hand in my birth space that helped me push through. 
The birth pool was just the topping on the cake for us and was so soothing and comforting in that transition phase of my labor as well as pushing! I highly recommend a water birth or even the use of the pool for pain relief.

Jessica also encapsulated my placenta, did photo prints of the placenta, and took part of Tilly's chord and made a sweet heart keepsake of it. So far at 2 weeks in with the capsules Iv had:

Much faster recovery after birth, my bleeding subsided much sooner than with previous births, my milk supply is so far going very well and breastfeeding this time around has seemed a lot more bearable!"

 - Kassie Jack, December 2019

"I’m so thankful I found Jessica online when I was searching for someone I could trust to encapsulate my placenta! I’ve heard so many testimonies of women who swear by it’s positive effects in the postpartum period, and wanted to do whatever I could to make the fourth trimester easier on myself. In comparison to my last experience post-birth, this time around has been so different! My milk came in earlier, my hormones are not out of control, postpartum blues have not been an issue, and my energy level is up. She was so helpful, informative, and professional. I received my encapsulated placenta the very next day when she hand delivered them to my house! I am impressed with the impact they have made, and will definitely use Jessica again with all future pregnancies."

- Grace B, November 2020

"I had the pleasure of meeting Jessica this year as I was expecting and needing a support person to be with me during labor and delivery as my husband was not able to attend. Jessica provided me with amazing resources and educational information throughout my pregnancy. Although this was my 6th pregnancy I felt comforted in the education she made available for my use. Jessica made herself available to me as I needed. Even though it was in the middle of the night when my handsome son decided to arrive, Jessica was ready, available and met me at the hospital. She allowed me to explore my birthing options and supported me in my choices.. I appreciate her knowledge, compassion and willingness as an educated Doula."

- Michelle M, May 2021

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