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Birth Plan Assistance

Traditional birth plans don't work well most of the time. Providers don't like them. Most birth plans are seen as too long, demanding, not realistic, and/or negative. There are even some studies that have shown that in certain places, having a birth plan can negatively affect how the staff treats you.

I am here to reinvent the birth plan. Give you the information you need to make an informed decision and navigate the waters ahead.

Change them so they are easy to read, positive, and short/to the point. That way, your birth preferences are honored and followed. Hopefully without the dreaded sighs from providers.

Your Birth Preferences Matter

Everyone has heard it. "All that matters is that the baby is healthy" Yes, that is true and something that everyone wants. But your birth preferences and your journey into motherhood matters.

Many mothers and fathers enter into pregnancy and birth with fully trusting that their health care provider "knows what's best for them". Having a provider that isn't on the same page with your wants and needs, as well as not educating yourself can range from disempowering to even traumatic. Don't wait. Prepare now for an empowering, positive birth.

Act Now. Know Your Options. Educate Yourself.

Jessica Schanaman Doula Services is the beginning of your parent education journey. The world is overwhelming with information. Full of biases and conflicting viewpoints. You can trust me to only tell you the benefits and risks for each decision you make.

Every procedure is there for a reason. It serves a purpose. Every procedure is a tool in your bag to use or discard. You get to decide if, when, and/or how to use those tools based on your medical and personal circumstance.

Find and Use Your Voice

The hospital system and how we view doctors as 'authority figures' can make it uncomfortable and difficult to ask questions. No matter how important they may be.

Jessica Schanaman Doula Services helps you communicate with your birth team in a neat, easy to read way, while also giving you the information you need to help you make an informed decision to navigate the confusing waters of the hospital system. Go forth and have an empowering birth!

In order to access the Roots birth plan page, you must first pay the $50 charge for the birth plan assistance service. This will give you access to the huge database of information on every topic. Including the pros and cons of every option and a birth plan template.

Paying for this service will also get you a custom made written and picture birth plan. Visit the Contact Me page for more information. Or click the Buy Now button below. Payment is secure with PayPal.

After purchasing the service, you will receive an email from me notifying you of your access to the Roots birth plan page. As well as more information, including the cut off date in which you will have access to the page.

Note: If you hired me as your birth doula, this service is included in every package except for the on call doula package. If you hired me as your doula for any package except on call only, please click the 'Prepare Your Birth Plan Now' button below.

Prepare Your Birth Plan Now
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