My Local Network

Below is my list of people I network and/or partner with.

These are the people that either partner with me, or refer my services to the community.

The ones who help give you the best experience possible!

(If you work with the birth community and would like to partner with me, send me a message! I would love to grow my list to benefit the growing families in our area!) 


Below are the photographers I network with to give you the opportunity to have both doula and photographer during your birth journey. They offer maternity, birth, newborn and fresh 48 sessions.

Kay Renee Images

Kaylee says, "I have enjoyed photography for over ten years, and although my style, skill, knowledge, and camera have evolved, one thing has not: my love for photographing people. Since becoming a mother, I have recognized just how precious each little moment is, and how important it is to document those little moments. While I enjoy photographing everything and everyone, I primarily focus on photographing growing families. My husband and I photograph engagements and weddings together, and I primarily focus on helping families document their pregnancies, births, and first moments with their little ones. 

I so enjoy providing others with pictorial documentation of their most treasured moments and being a tool for allowing them to express themselves artistically. I find inspiration in the beauty of every day life and spontaneous moments, and my images tell the stories of the subjects in them and provide people with timeless photos to cherish for a lifetime."

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Jamie Watkins Photography


Below are the midwives I network with. Midwives are a great option for your pregnancy, birth and postpartum care.

Mountain Midwives

Mountain Midwives maintain the age old tradition of midwifery in service to families across southeastern Montana and northern Wyoming. Ours is a personalized and low-tech practice, primarily focused on home birth.

Unlike the overworked medical folks, we are able to spend adequate time with our clients. We consider this to be essential in preparing them physically, mentally, emotionally and relationally for their role as new parents. We openly honor each family’s spiritual and cultural roots as perfect road maps for their journey through pregnancy and birth.

Mountain Midwives are state licensed and nationally certified. We are trained, equipped, and experienced—founder Pat Schwaiger has been delivering babies in their parents’ homes for over 30 years.

But it is the mother who is the star of this show.  It is the mother who gives birth and who actually “delivers.” We are only there to help.

That’s what midwives do.  We help people … out.


Henna Artists

Henna is a great option during pregnancy to decorate and celebrate your growing belly! Whether you want it included during your blessing way, or just for fun, here are the artists I network with to bring that service to you.

Kelly Partridge Intuitive Artist

Kelly says, "I recently discovered the love of creating ON people. Henna is a fun way to decorate your body in a non permanent way. Whether it be just for fun, a birthday, formal school dance or just because; I would love to intuitively adorn you with a beautiful design. I am mobile and will come to you or your party."

Henna Back Tattoo
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