Even in the midst of this pandemic, babies are still born and about to be born.

So there are women and families needing support during their life altering moments.

Birth trauma is and still could happen. I don't want women and their families to feel like they are alone. I am still here.

That is why I am offering free* and/or discounted support to the women and their families during this time.

First line of support: Free unlimited virtual prenatal and postpartum support is being offered via my Birthroot Birth Talk group on Facebook. Click here to join the group!
Second line of support: One free in person prenatal and postpartum support session. Contact me via phone, text or email.
Third line of support: Discounted birth doula support during labor and birth. 50% off all birth doula packages.

COVID -19 Resources for Pregnancy, Birth and Breastfeeding

Hi Everyone,

It’s Rebecca, here. I know this is an uncertain time and many are feeling a range of emotions. Our goal remains the same: to provide you with friendly, accessible, evidence based information so that you can make informed decisions

During a global pandemic, our goal is more important than ever.

At Evidence Based Birth®, we are continually monitoring the situation and our research team is examining the best available resources. We will keep this page updated with relevant information for both pregnant parents and birth professionals.

Wishing you calm and a sense of peace,


Billings Clinic:

- one support person allowed in labor and delivery room with mother. Support people cannot switch.

St Vincent's:

- one support person allowed in labor and delivery room with mother. Support people cannot switch.

Billings, MT

Birthroot Doula Services

Giving women and their families the resources, support and confidence to make evidence based decisions regarding their pregnancy and birth. To also encourage women to know and find their true strength during labor to make the experience theirs.

Giving birth back to the woman!

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