Home Birth Space Preparation

Your time is important. There are many items to check off the to do list. Let me help you check off one more. 


No one wants to do that deep cleaning when they can focus their attention on other important tasks.

And if you have other children, that free time and want to deep clean is even less.

Home birth space prep includes:

  • general cleaning and arranging of 3 rooms that you will be in the most/birth in (living room, bedroom, bathroom) 

  • decorating the birth space with your affirmations/focal point 

I use only natural, green cleaners and reusable microfiber cloths.


This is an optional, additional service for my clients planning a home birth only. Current rate for this service is $25 per hour.

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Billings, MT

Birthroot Doula Services

Giving women and their families the resources, support and confidence to make evidence based decisions regarding their pregnancy and birth. To also encourage women to know and find their true strength during labor to make the experience theirs.

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