Mother Blessing Way

A Blessing Way is a sacred pre-birth ceremony that has traditionally been performed by Navajo people, and celebrates a woman’s rite of passage into motherhood.
Unlike a traditional baby shower where the focus is on gifts, a Mother Blessing puts the focus back on nurturing the woman. A woman’s closest girlfriends and family gather in love to build up her mind, body, and soul in preparation for her journey to motherhood. It is intended that the mother-to-be leaves bursting full of love, strength, confidence, and belief in the ability of her body to birth her baby.

So what do you do during a blessing way?

What does it include?

It includes what ever you would like. It is your blessing. I make it yours. Whatever that may mean to you. It can be spiritual, religious, or all about nature. Blessing ways are as unique as you are. Below are a few ideas of what can be included in blessing ways. If something is not on the list that you are wanting, we'll add it. At a blessing, you are the focus. Filling you with love and support as you bring new life into the world.
You provide the guest list and the activities you would like to happen. I do the rest!


A calming Epsom salt and lavender foot soak. This can also include a hand/foot/back massage if you have a person on your invite list that is a massage therapist or would like to perform this task. I can do this for you if you would like a massage and no one in your list is willing to perform it.


Flower Crown

A beautiful flower crown to celebrate your beauty. Each woman on your list picks a flower from the vase to contribute to the crown when they arrive. Then each woman weaves their flower into the crown.

Belly Henna or Painting

This can be paint or a henna design. If you have an artistic woman on your list with experience in henna, a henna design can be a wonderful option. Otherwise, non-toxic paint with someone willing and wanting to paint your belly is a wonderful way to show the beauty of your body’s strength and nurturing ability.


Circle Time

All the woman gather around the mother-to-be and share their wisdom, a bible verse, or favorite quote. You can pray together, belly dance together, or tell favorite positive birth stories. Positivity is key here. This is a time to build up the mother, not tear each other down.

Leave Your Guests Thinking About the Mother-To-Be

Each of the women grab a candle and two pieces of yarn or ribbon. They tie one of them around their own candle, and tie the other around the mother-to-be’s candle. Once it is known labor has begun, a chain of either text messages or calls begin to only the guests to let them know to light their candle. The candle remains lit until baby has emerged earth side. This creates a time of prayer or thoughts from the guests and lets the mother-to-be know they have a circle of women praying and thinking about them and cheering them on. It is a good idea to let the guests know that they are in a special group and no one outside of the circle will know of the labor beginning.


Bead Stringing

Each of the guests are asked to bring a special bead to create a necklace for the mother to wear in the last few weeks of pregnancy and during labor/birth. Each woman tells about why they chose that bead and strings their bead onto the mother’s necklace. The mother is reminded of the love and support she has in her community of friends every time she looks at the necklace.

Birth Flags

Plain cloth triangles will be available for the guests to paint with encouraging words and phrases. The mother can string these in her home and have them be a reminder of her strength leading up to birth. This is a great option for a planned home birth, or to hang in the hospital room.


Stone Painting

Each guest will bring a smooth stone that they will paint with encouraging words for the mother. The mother can place the stones in various spots in her house or place them together in a basket. Seeing these stones will remind her of her strength leading into birth.

Birth Altar / Labor Focal Point

A birth altar serves as a focal point for the laboring mother. Sometimes it can be difficult to stay focused on the positive affirmations the mother reads and meditated on during pregnancy, so she can focus her attentions to her birth alter to give her visuals of her end goal- her baby. Items for a birth altar can include a birthing goddess, ultrasound pictures, positive words, aromatherapy, candles, and any imagery that she finds beautiful and inspiring.



Of course, sharing a meal with friends is the best way to relax and enjoy each other’s company. Guests are asked to each bring a dish to contribute to a potluck meal.

  • blessing way for up to 5 guests, personal facebook group page, planning/prep - $50

  • blessing way for up to 10 guests, personal facebook group page, planning/prep - $85

Are you a friend or family member who would like to give a blessing way to a special mother-to-be?

Contact me for information and to set up your blessing gift. 

If your special mother-to-be does not already have a doula, I have a special birth doula package that includes all the birth doula services plus the wonderful blessing way. 

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