Keepsake Placenta Prints

In addition to the medicinal uses, another way that we can bring back the tradition of honor and gratitude toward birth and the role of the placenta is to make artistically beautiful prints with it.

The prints are unique imprints that display the size, shape and general appearance of the placenta and also remind us why the placenta is often referred to as "The Tree of Life."

The standard placenta services package includes about half a dozen 14x17 sized prints of both the baby's and the mother's side of the placenta.  For an additional fee, I can also make larger double placenta prints like the one shown to the left. These are 18x24 sized prints. 

All prints are made on high quality, acid free paper of 60-90 lb.

Placenta Prints Using Blood Only

  • single prints - $30

  • double prints - $50

Billings, MT

Birthroot Doula Services

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